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Celebrating the inspirational poems, prayers, essays, and affirmations available in the Poetry from the Heart Collection. We invite you to join our life-affirming journey of peace, love, joy, faith, and happiness.

All is redeem in truth and light



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All is Redeemed in Truth and Light is a touching compilation of inspirational poetry and motivational prose, written to celebrate all of the stages and beauty of our lives. This beautiful offering of love is our first publication and the signature volume that launched our series and service to others.

The appeal of this collection is the way the pieces come together to engage and uplift the reader. Our beautiful and captivating poetry will warm your soul and lift your spirits while freeing your heart and mind from feelings of sorrow, hurt, and pain.

Our motivational essays offer a supportive way forward through life’s challenges, trials, and joys. Each piece flows seamlessly into the next, as you are taken on a 5 chapter journey through the loving heart of an inspired poet.

the light that is you: conversations of love




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The Light That Is You is an inspirational collection of prayers and supplications, poems celebrating life and the next generation. Filled with reflective essays and empowering affirmations of clarity, love, and strength.

This is the second book in the Poetry from the Heart Collection. The motivating and loving prose will speak to your heart, elevates your energy, and relaxes your cares away. The Light That is You is designed to be like a cheer leader in your pocket.

This relaxing book is a “tool” book that you can turn to for inspiration and sincere encouragement anytime of day or night. This empowering book is the perfect gift for you or someone you love.

god placed you here a walk of faith

God Placed You Here:
A Walk to Faith (VOLUME 3)


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God Placed You Here is a motivational powerhouse of uplifting poetry, supportive essays, and heartfelt sentiments of faith. This is the third volume in our inspirational collection and it is powerful and uplifting!

The perfect way to start your day, pick up your afternoon, and end your evening with a smile. God Placed You Here is an encouraging and empowering affirmation of life.

These loving words of faith, wisdom, and kindness will assist you in recognizing all that you are in God’s eyes, His love, and His glory.

Built for God’s Glory

Built for God’s Glory:
Understanding Our Life’s Purpose (Volume 4)


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Built for God’s Glory is filled with reflective faith-based poems, inspirational essays, quotes of wisdom, and signature prayers to assist you in your personal and spiritual growth. Written to inspire and empower all who enjoy the touch of God’s love in their lives.

Built for God’s Glory is the fourth volume in our amazing collection of love and inspiration. This engaging collection offers the reader additional hope, helps to open their hearts, and explores a deeper view of a spiritual walk in today’s world. Seeking to help you build and expand a calming place of peace in your heart and in your mind. Poetry of faith, hope, happiness, serenity and empowerment. Readers are calling this volume “A fishing guide for your soul.”

God's Guiding Light of Peace


God’s Guiding Light of Peace: Strength to Stand Through Life’s Storms, is like an inspirational shield blocking negativity. These inspired words of faith help bring your focus back to positivity and assist you in releasing stress. C. Melita Webb’s loving words of joy bring peace to your mind, calm to your heart, comfort to your soul, and add serenity to your space.
Whether you are looking for wonderful words of inspiration, morning meditation, daily encouragement, peaceful evening reflections, a vacation read, or the next pick for your group’s book club, you will find insight, encouragement, support, and assistance on the pages of God’s Guiding Light of Peace.

C Melita Webb is a visually challenged writer and a fun loving spirit, who has had a love for words and books all her life. Her writings are labors of love. She writes with passion, clarity, deep reflection and fulfillment. Each book in her collection tells a story of love, life, and humanity. Included are poems, affirmations, prayers, supportive essays and cries from the heart. She draws from life experiences, life challenges and dreams to enlighten and uplift readers.

Visit the author’s bio page to learn more.

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