Guard Your Spiritual Health
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Guard Your Spiritual Health

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Do Not Help the Enemy

I heard part of a video a few days ago, and it hurt my heart. I sat down with it on my spirit, and tears flowed from my soul. Then to help myself deal with the emotional drain, I wrote the poem, “I’m sending you my love.” A few days later, someone else forwarded the identical negative video to me.

Choose Content Wisely

The disgusting video started playing before I could stop it. The man was expounding how much he hated a group of people and all the bad he wished upon them simply because they were not like him. I felt firsthand why we must be careful with the images, video, and audio we forward and share.

Sharing Hate Does Not Make Anyone Safe

Tears welled up in my eyes, My mouth twisted, and the hurt consumed me. The people who sent the negative video were trying to educate me and, in their way, keep me safe. I chose not to forward the video as I have no desire to perpetuate hate or aid in divisiveness. My issue with the video was how it amplified the hurt, pain, and hatred in the world.  

Guard Your Spiritual Wellbeing

For a few days, a negative fog hung around me, weighed my heart down, and I felt it blocked some of the goodness in my heart, mind, and spirit. I had to triple my daily effort to live positively. God slowed me down and allowed me to see the bigger picture of how I internalized a stranger’s hate and anger.  I unknowingly generated hurt and allowed the harmful spirit access to my mind. In essence, I let my spirit pick up some of that person’s negative energy.

Even Moments of Sadness Teach Important Lessons

Wow, what a wake-up moment. I knew I was feeling sadness but didn’t realize I had started caring so much of his hatred, anger, and pain as my burden. Someone else’s choices, behavior, and thoughts are not our responsibility. I think it is sometimes a way for the enemy of our spirit to distract us and weaken our faith and courage. 

Guard your heart and know that God never sends negativity to us. You can be assured that if we need to be educated or alerted, God will provide a better way to keep His children safe. I will write about occurrences, but I will not forward hate. Please stay safe and walk in peace.