Do Not Be Too Quick to Judge
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Do Not Be Too Quick to Judge

Do Not Be So Quick to Judge

In my youth, I heard those familiar words, and they stuck with me. Being the cautious and curious person that I am, seeking knowledge is second only to breathing. Therefore I enjoy sifting through layers and details to ascertain facts. 

Thankful for Technology 

Often, I select interesting Newspaper headlines and Siri reads them to me. I am aware of Then I select additional sources for more details. Today I listened to a beatned police officer who made the conscious choice to protect and serve. He is more than the blue uniform. He is also a husband, father, son, uncle, and, I believe, a caring man. 

Ever day People Trying to Be a Hero

As I listened, I was reminded how people view, judge, and treat strangers based on perceived notions or false beliefs. I reflect on the kind people, policemen, and policewomen I met under challenging moments of my life: such as after a car accident, or passing them in neighborhoods, looking for a lost kid, or trying to recover stolen items. And once after an attempted break-in. 

Anyone Can Have a Tough Day

My thought is that anyone can have a good or bad day including civilians. Whether in uniform or not, and anyone can be put in challenging positions. We cannot afford to think everyone is the same as we are all unique individuals. 

Give People A Chance

One day you may not like their decision, and on a different day, they can save your life. Please do not be quick to judge anyone as all good or all bad. Many times people are responding to situations the best way they can. Shock can come into play, and some people truly are not nice people. But, we must give people the chance to show us who they are and be careful not to discount anyone’s life on a “feeling.”