God’s Love Never Fails
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God’s Love Never Fails

Greetings and Joy!

Each day I rise with the thought and the expectation of a beautiful day. I don’t look for any trouble from yesterday or any problems or issues that I’ve previously faced.

Life is Okay

   Some days are challenging. The sky is a little grayer, our health or energy isn’t where we need it to be, or something seems not to be going our way. We must smile anyway because of our faith. As long as we stand with God, life is okay. And God never leaves His throne.

God Never Fails

   God never fails.  That fact helps me smile even on the most trying days. I find myself looking at obstacles, circumstances and releasing them to God. In your hour of need you can reach out. In your moments of stress, you can lean on him. If you are tired any day, you can count on God for power and assurance assurance . If you trust God, he will always show you the way.

God Sends Goodness Each Day 

   No matter what you find yourself going through, always trust that God retains ongoing goodness for you. Know that each day overruns with God’s overflowing joy for you. Even if so much is going on that you don’t think you can hear God’s Spirit, continue to pray and trust that God is sending you encouragement, support, and the love that you need.

Enjoy Your Journey 

Personally, I no longer allow my heart to be triggered by things that can be expected in life. Occasionally, I stop and contemplate my choices. As long as I keep my mind focused on the Almighty God, I smile and trust that I am safe. If you stumble or fall, it is not surprising to God. Keep getting back up and trusting in your journey. With God, we all have a divine purpose and inspiring journey. Enjoy your life in the protective love of God.

Think of the goodness of God, and smile because we are always covered and protected by God’s life-sustaining grace. I believe that goodness is present every day, miracles still happen, and that God always makes away.