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We are delighted that you are here. This is where we celebrate and share the love, joy, peace and unity offered in our inspirational series. Unsure the read-order of The Poetry from the Heart Collection?  All of C. Melita’s books can be read individually.  She has written them that way on purpose – to be enjoyed as a one off if that’s how you want to read. However, to get the full experience, we encourage you to read them all.

We are excited to receive the love and support of happy readers in the U.S and abroad. There are five inspirational books included in our encouraging faith-based collection. If you are a book club, church, school, or large group interested in bulk purchases, we will do our best to assist and accommodate you. Please note that our annual poetry calendar only ships to the 48 contiguous U.S addresses only.

The Light That is You: Conversations of Love is a touching collection of inspirational poetry, prayers, clarifying affirmations, and motivational essays. The focus of this volume is to help the reader build on their relationship with God, highlight existing strengths, support healing, and enhance their journey towards a more harmonious life.

You will enjoy reading this comforting journey through love, prayerful moments of reflection, and deep relaxing thoughts. The Light That is You is a book that you can always turn to for loving encouragement, and it is the perfect gift for you and anyone you love or want to inspire. This is the second book in the Poetry from the Heart collection of loving prose that will speak to your heart, calm your spirit, elevate your energy, and relax your cares away.

Purchase your copy today and embrace a healing journey of faith.

God Placed You Here is a motivational powerhouse filled with inspirational poetry, uplifting prayers, positive affirmations, encouraging essays, and heartfelt sentiments. Reading God Placed You Here is the perfect way to start your day, pick up your afternoon, and end your evening with a smile.

The faith-based encouragement in God Placed You Here is designed to empower and assist children of God who are seeking a closer walk with Him. This compiled collection is an empowering affirmation of life. You will leave your worries and stress behind you as you read, reflect, and manifest your way to a spiritually happier life. These loving words will assist you in recognizing all that you are in God’s eyes, His love, and His glory.

We invite you to come and enjoy every step of your journey as you read God Placed You Here.

Built for God’s Glory is filled with reflective faith centered poems, inspirational essays, heartfelt quotes of wisdom and encouraging prayers to assist you in your personal and spiritual growth. Written to inspire and empower all who enjoy the touch of God’s love in their lives.

Offering hope, opening hearts and exploring a deeper view of a spiritual walk and more ways of embracing your faith. Helping you build and expand the calming places of peace in your heart and in your mind. Poetic blessings of faith, hope, happiness, peace, serenity and empowerment. Motivational sentiments and quotes designed to assist you on your path of finding more direction, true happiness and more joy in God’s word.

We invite you to join our inspiring walk of faith through the heart and mind of a loving poet.

God’s Guiding Light of Peace: Strength to Stand Through Life’s Storms, is an inspirational shield we can use to help calm the stressors of life. Filled with five engaging chapters organized to act like an emotional lifeline. Beautiful poetry, loving prayers, positive affirmations and enlightening essays of faith and encouragement, will comfort and guide your mind to more peaceful thoughts.

Wether you are looking for wonderful words of inspiration, morning meditation, daily encouragement, peaceful evening reflections, a vacation read, or the next pick for your Church’s book club, you will find insight, encouragement, support and assistance on the pages of God’s Guiding Light of Peace.

All is Redeemed in Truth and Light is a touching compilation of inspirational poetry, life-affirming messages of love, and sweet motivational prose. This encouraging and inspiring collection was written to celebrate the beauty, grace, and complexity of life’s journey.

The beautiful poetry selected for this debut collection will warm your heart, caress your soul, and lift your spirits while freeing your mind from feelings of sorrow, hurt, and pain. The motivational essays offer a supportive way forward through the stages of life.

This peaceful journey will show you what lives deep within your heart when you search for answers to life’s most intriguing questions.

The Poetry from the Heart Collection by C. Melita Webb is also available on Audible.