Loving Injured Hearts
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Loving Injured Hearts

Three red roses laying flat on a table

Sometimes the people we love have been through so many hardships, disappointments, battles, and poor treatment that by the time we meet them, they do not know how to love freely. We look at them and look past the pain. We perceive who we believe they can be, without understanding who they are. 

We see their eyes, and we love them. 

We see their smile, and we become enamored.

We feel their touch, and we are mesmerized.

But what we cannot see is what they have experienced. We cannot see how often they cry, frown, felt fear, was abandoned or were let down. We believe we can love them through anything and everything. Usually, we pour so much into their wounded souls that we forget what we need and want from the relationship. 

Be Willing to Listen 

In reality, their hearts are often broken, segmented, or blocked off. We cannot feel their pain, see their nightmares, or understand the feelings they may be to shame or to hurt to share. The best we can do is be willing to listen.

They may shut down at times where we are most vulnerable through no choice of their own. Often, they have built a wall around the deepest parts of their heart and soul, as that is how they learned to survive. 

Many will need help and time to free themselves from their past, rescue them from their fears, and help them walk through their issues. With time and adequate treatment, they can develop new pathways to feel safe, be loved, and give love. 

Allow Them Time to Heal

We need to give them time to choose if they are ready to heal and encourage them to seek professional help if needed. When we meet people, we need to understand that everyone has been through something that we know nothing about.  Love who they are and be willing to step back and give them time to heal.