Why I Continue to Write
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Why I Continue to Write

Why I Continue to Write

I write to provide comfort and inspiration for myself and to others. To give life meaning, offer hope, and find reasons to persevere through life’s toughest journeys. I write to celebrate joy, foster understanding, reflect on life circumstances, and to define possibilities.

I write the words that flow from my heart to lift my spirits and the spirits of those around me. What I have learned is that we never know what blessings our struggle will bring or who we are put here to help. Someone may be watching, learning and believing that since we can, they can. We must never give up hope!

My writings allow me to make a difference, share love, offer encouragement, examine emotions, and to bring a smile to someone’s day. Writing from my heart and listening to my soul allows me to touch hearts, comfort minds, and enhance lives. My writings allow me the opportunity to connect deeply with people that I may never meet or see. It allows me to reach people that I know, have known in the past, and introduces me to my future.

My writings let me be free. Writings give me wings to fly, eyes to see, air to breathe, legs to walk, and arms to hold. In essence, my writings give me life.

I write to keep hope alive, to find meaning to my Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) struggle, visualize new choices and options, and expand the barriers on my life. I also write so others can see that they are not alone, to leave a legacy for my children and my grandchildren, and to remind myself and others with different abilities that we still have an important voice, and to let the next generation know that their voices will always matter too.

I want everyone to remember that we all serve a purpose; no matter how young, old, healthy, impaired, able bodied or disabled, our lives are important. My hope in sharing my story is that I will inspire others and shine a light so brightly that those in similar circumstances will know that we all have challenges and that we can all find ways to survive. I want people to understand that we are more alike than not; that their struggles and my struggles are similar. After all, we are the same, under the skin, through the flesh, and down to the bone.

So you see there are many reasons to write, just as there are many reasons to live. If you are reading my words, please know that I am writing for you too.