Living Drama Free
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Living Drama Free

Keep Your Mind Clear of Negativity

There are many obstacles in life and many ways that you can become distracted, uncomfortable, or poorly treated. Cleaning your mind is just as important as cleaning your home. In fact, maintaining a healthier brain is what allows you clarity and the ability to sustain a healthy life. Therefore a healthy mindset must be your priority. 

Do Not Unknowingly Become a Co-Conspirator

Now more than ever before, we are in a battle for peace.  One of the most challenging things about war is you don’t always see or recognize your real enemy. Sometimes you are unknowingly drawn into a battle and become a silent party to a “cold-war” fight. 

Claim Your Peace

Therefore it is not enough to want to live a nonviolent life. You must claim your right to peace. Peace stealers are cunning, divisive, and often unexpected. They may unknowingly look for ways to make you uncomfortable. They may purposefully start a negative interaction hoping to draw you into the conflicts in their mind. 

Defuse the Situation

Do not fall for the trap. Be aware, and keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to your intuition. If someone tries to engage you negatively, smile and say. “I never thought about that.” Or “you have an interesting view. “ Then work quickly to defuse the situation. 

Move Away from Drama

Sometimes silence is the best response. I get silent, contemplate what my time and energy could be doing. Then I choose positivity and make my way out of the maze of negativity, drama, or other people’s difficulty that I am not interested in pursuing. 

Withdraw from Crazy Situations

I change the subject or explain I have something that I must attend to. Sometimes I just need to pray, withdraw my mind from bad, crazy or unnecessary interactions, and refocus my energy to not become a part of their problem and negativity.

Offer helpful Solutions

Previously I felt responsible and attempted to fix everything and everyone. I now understand that my happiness and purpose are not tied to grieving for others. Being present in other people’s drama is tiring, unhealthy, and mind-boggling. I know that I cannot help everyone, and I have observed that some people enjoy drama, chaos, and confusion. I offer them the best impartial advice I know and allow them to become the hero or villain in their own life. 

Promote A Good Life 

Because truthfully, some people don’t want help or a solution. They want a reason to complain and keep the problem going as if the conflict could bring goodness or oxygen into the body. Because of the negative effect on our bodies, we must be mindful and understand that peace of mind, body, and soul is what nourishes life.