Stillness and Growth
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Stillness and Growth

The Magnificent Grace of God

Each day through the grace of God, I learn something new. Whether the day has been smooth and easy or challenging and complicated. Sometimes my eyes are wide open and ready for the lesson, and other times my mind is occupied, and I don’t see the lesson sent my way. 

Spiritual Maturity

As I have spiritually matured, my mind and life have slowed down. My breath is quiet and easier to recognize when it gets out of synch. The blessing of slowing down is new to me, and I am only learning of the gift that a slower pace could be. 

Appreciating God’s Beauty

It seems to me that by pacing actions and life, we miss less of God’s splendid beauty. That’s just one of the beautiful differences now clearer to me. I have the same 24 hours in a day, though now each hour, minute, and second, mean more. 

Taking Time to Breathe

I have more patience with myself and others. I enjoy the little things, more too. It took me fighting for breath to see the beauty of hidden moments. My hope is by sharing my observations; you will benefit from my lesson and slow down too. 

Trusting God’s Plan

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling off-balance and like I was walking in a haze. Thankfully I was never lost, just more contemplative and still. Truthfully mentally and physically still. You probably heard people speak of “going through the motions” yes, that was me. 

Moving Through Life

I was caught between being myself, going in and out of moments of system shock and disbelief, and trying to balance the unsteadiness in my feet. Even though I felt those feelings, I also felt that I was going to be okay. 

Living in Faith

Because of God’s love, I did not feel fear. I did not feel like I was loosing my mind or going through a mental crisis. Looking back over those few weeks, I felt like my soul was wounded and in need of healing. Now I know what that looks like. Next time I pray, I will discern the stillness for what it is, growth.