Living God’s Love
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Living God’s Love

Living God’s Love is the latest poetry volume released by well-loved motivational and inspirational poet C. Melita Webb. In this expansive volume, the author delivers a fresh poetic look at issues affecting children of God in their walk of faith. 
Poetry Focusing on the Community

This vast collection broadens our focus and carries her faithful readers to contemporary situations not previously covered in any of her published volumes. Living God’s Love implores her readers to become aware of their community, look beyond sorrowful eyes, occasional op-Ed scenes, and high-profile documentaries.  
Our Core Message Must Always Be Love

C. Melita Webb stays true to her core and provides clear, informed messages of hope, opportunities, and love. Her prolific words of faith connect comfort, inspire and edify life while enabling the reader to recognize that we are one humanity that must unite for our betterment. This beautiful and profound poetic volume of poems, prayers, and essays cover family, love, relationships, bullying, homelessness, parenting, poverty, and children. 
Seeing Through Eyes of Love

Speaking to issues as only a loving poet could, C. Melita Webb’s words take you through the eyes of love, past the tears, beyond the news headlines to the complicated subjects of harsh existence, disregarded lives, and asks you how you can make a difference. 
Offering a Caring View

These refreshing pieces offer a caring view without the backlash and rhetoric of unaffected people speaking out while having no clue about what is happening to the underclass; families gripped by poverty, homeless youth, underemployed parents, abused children fleeing foster care, trafficking victims, and survivors of other harsh existences. 
There is Hope and Redemption

As you read and contemplate life’s joys, hardships, and goals of redemption, you will be inspired to look at life circumstances from a new perspective. A view of compassion that hopefully allows recognition of your neighbor as your sister and brother in faith. 
A Poetic Tour of Life

Living God’s Love takes you on a tour of life without dampening your spirit. Its goals are to unite us, show the realities of city life, and highlight aspects of existence that many don’t often see. In short, C. Melita Webb puts a face on the plight of humanity.

Empathy Helps Every Conversation

This inspirational poetry volume pulls back the curtains and helps facilitate open dialogue, build unity, bridge peace, foster compassion, promote complicated conversations, and assist us in uplifting one another while bringing empathy into every conversation.