I Am Tired
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I Am Tired

“I have cried, called into the wind, and prayed fervently as I mourn and grieve for the mothers of taken, missing, or murdered children. Whether the children are babies, teens, grown men, or women, each one is somebody’s child, and they deserved to be healthy, happy, free, and alive. 

You Can’t Hide from God

Even now, with everything that has come to light, I believe that we still have half a nation that won’t understand my heart or willingly empathize with my emotions simply because of the skin I live in. I will not apologize for the beautiful life God gave me. As a black African-American woman, mother, sister, auntie and friend, I embrace you with love no matter the skin you are in. 

Tired of Hurt, Hate, and Pain

I am tired, so tired for every child used, abused, killed, or vilified because of the color of their skin. I am tired for every nation’s mothers, black, white, red, brown, yellow, and even those that have not yet been regulated by skin color. I am tired of seeing the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, sons, and daughters crying because of a loved ones untimely death.

We Must Value Life

I am shaken and transformed by haunting memories of innumerable sets of faces and their empty sadden eyes. in their eyes because they mourn for those penalized and lost due to brown, black,  Asian, Native American, indigenous people, aboriginal people, and everyone else whose society has given collective identities and who are mistreated, deceived and betrayed by prejudices. 

Nations are Suffering

People, cities, and countries are crying because people are not seeing the worth of other people’s children’s lives. I am tired of those refusing to see the love in children’s eyes. I am tired of people professing to be Christian, Catholic, Jew, and every other religion while they are using their crooked minds, shattered mentalities, and other abnormal, unhealthy, and deviant intentions. Let me just tell you; this mother is tired of losing taken and stolen lives.” ~CMW