Learning to Dream Again
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Learning to Dream Again

Never Stop Learning

A few days ago, I had an epiphany while listening to Siri read a kindle ebook, The Secret Collaborative Economy. This amazing book outlined paths and possibilities for growth and legacy building. For the first time since my vision-impairment, I understand how much I had been limiting my life. I indeed have challenges, health issues, and other factors that make me feel boxed in and stuck. But this book opened my mind to the possibility of achieving more with what I have.

Make Notes and Dream Big

I made notes, paused Siri, highlighted, and bookmarked sections that need my action and more development in my mind. I listened to the book twice. Some areas, like chapter four, were so comprehensive, fascinating, and extraordinary, that I stopped reading. Let the information sync in and envisioned new options for myself and my family.

Prepare for the Life You Want

I picked The Secret Collaborative Economy book up the following evening when I knew my mind was free to absorb the business, marketing, and management education that I almost missed by not reading this book sooner. I don’t believe my virtually crossing paths with Mrs. Marsha Wright was a coincidence. I had been dreaming of twitter for three years. When my son set the account up, I was beyond excited.

It was a struggle getting started, but soon I met many people like myself, impaired, but still trying. Twitter is everything I dreamed of and more. I have met all types of people from all over the world. The hashtags are fascinating, and they allow you to choose your news and information. There are movements of incredible people who help you reach the world with your messages and your dreams.

Find Your Place and Your People

It truly is a big world, and thanks to the hashtag #ThinkBigSundayWithMarsha, I have learned where my people are. They are learning, sharing, growing, loving, and lifting each other. If you get the chance to venture on Twitter, check out Marsha Wright, follow her page and her movement. You will enjoy the positivity, and I am sure you could use a bigger dream too.