Childhood’s Blessings
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Childhood’s Blessings

What if we looked through the lens of life and only saw opportunity? I had this thought this morning as I took time to record my thoughts and feelings. As a child, my life was full of my mother’s love, my father’s protection, and God’s divine province. 

Speaking to God

My mind rarely turned off. So I wrote poems and songs into my heart to share with God each day. On the way from school, I ran, jumped, skipped, hopped, sang and smiled at my own way of living with God and absorbing His word. 

Childhood  Innocence 

I remember various adults saying, be quiet, stop turning, talking or flipping. Cartwheels, back ends and flips were always in my life. On the sidewalk, in the hallways, or in isles. Being still and quite is not a child’s function. 

But as I think on it, most of those admonishments were not from my parents, but well-meaning adults. More than likely, I repeated some of those words to the various children in my life. Now I understand the damage and affect they can have on young hearts and precious minds. 

God Always Delivers Love

My mind, body, and heart bounced with joy because that was what God placed in my heart. I drew close to God, I craved knowledge, read fervently and wrote daily because doing so allowed me freedom. I didn’t realize it then, but I know that my love of God, joy and learning is was good, normal, and should be honored, encouraged, and rewarded. 

Children Are Made of Joy

That pure memory of my childhood is a reminder of the joy that children bring back into our lives. It’s okay that my mind does not turn off. In fact, that is a good thing. I may at times talk a lot, and now my heart understands that I love life, people, giving, sharing, and above all else, I love God. 

Releasing the Hurt

I still feel hurt for the little girl the adults hollered at, but I can also release her pain and sadness. I can forgive the adults who shamelessly hollered at me, I was not their child, and it was not their place. By seeing the truth, I can return that piece of my broken spirit into a beautiful part of my life. Thank you.