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Essays / 30.01.2021

Sometimes the people we love have been through so many hardships, disappointments, battles, and poor treatment that by the time we meet them, they do not know how to love freely. We look at them and look past the pain. We perceive who we believe they can be, without understanding who they are.  We see their eyes, and we love them.  We see their smile, and we become enamored. We feel their touch, and we are mesmerized. But what we cannot see is what they have experienced. We cannot see how often...

Announcements / 15.10.2020

The C. Melita Webb Team is excited to announce the launch of her newly redesigned website. Our goal with this new site was to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our visitors and guests. We will be constantly updating our blog section with new poetry and reflections from the author, as well as important announcements. We also want to take this opportunity to encourage you to check out the C. Melita Webb Poetry Podcast. Each week, C. Melita shares with us her unscripted thoughts and feelings. Every episode...

Poetry / 19.01.2020

Often we find ourselves situated in uncomfortable positions through no choice of our own. We may encounter difficulties at school, work, the grocery store, driving, or simply walking down the street. Some Things You Cannot Control The issues can be as normal as getting stuck without an umbrella in a forecasted rainstorm, sitting in unmoving traffic because of a stuck bridge, driving our usual route to a destination and be redirected by a road detour, we may be standing at a station waiting for a late bus, plane or train,...