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Poetry / 30.09.2019

Finding Joy in the Simplest Moments Do you ever recognize and embrace the beauty that comes from the simplest moments of life? Tonight I listened to part of an audiobook by Wayne W. Dyer entitled Invisible. The wisdom he shared is solid, loving, nurturing, and kind. His words inspire, uplift, and encourage; and his gift of writing has blessed many lives. I Love Seeing Others Shine I find myself drawn to the goodness and light in others, and I always enjoy seeing others shine. I believe there is room for all...

Poetry / 17.09.2019

Your Life is important You are not lost, overlooked, forsaken, and you are not alone. You are a blessing! You were created out of God's love and born with a divine purpose. Your life is valuable to God, and He will always cherish you. God Loves You Even if you have not walked in your God-given purpose before, God wants you to know that you are deeply loved and that you are highly favored. It does not matter what you have been through, what you are presently going through, or what...

Poetry / 23.08.2019

God Loves You As You Are There is never a reason to ever compare your life to anyone else. God took great care and gifted each one of us our own unique journey and walk of faith. Even identical twins have different gifts, dreams, talents, and aspirations. They may have lots of similarities, but one may love science, and the other may excel in math. Shine in Your Own Way What I choose to like is based on my individual thoughts, desires, and preferences. What you choose to like is based...