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Poetry / 04.01.2019

God Placed You Here is a motivational powerhouse filled with inspirational poetry, prayers, affirmations, essays and heartfelt sentiments of faith. The perfect way to start your day, pick up your afternoon and end your evening with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Uplifting words of faith and touching prose that will encourage, inspire and assist you on your journey to developing a stronger connection with our Heavenly Father.  Whether you were seeking to deepen your understanding of God’s love and direction, or beginning to lay...

Poetry / 02.11.2018

There are days that I am unable to open my eyes due to severe eye pain and constant eye swelling. I do my best to stay motivated and uplifted. And yet, it is often during those most difficult times that I get my clearest connection with my core intuition and I feel God’s Spirit most. It is in those times when I call to Him through prayer that I find the depths of my strength. Sometimes it seems that my tears do not stop falling. Some days it is all...

Poetry / 19.10.2018

I write to provide comfort and inspiration for myself and to others. To give life meaning, offer hope, and find reasons to persevere through life's toughest journeys. I write to celebrate joy, foster understanding, reflect on life circumstances, and to define possibilities. I write the words that flow from my heart to lift my spirits and the spirits of those around me. What I have learned is that we never know what blessings our struggle will bring or who we are put here to help. Someone may be watching,...