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Essays / 12.05.2021

Do Not Be So Quick to Judge In my youth, I heard those familiar words, and they stuck with me. Being the cautious and curious person that I am, seeking knowledge is second only to breathing. Therefore I enjoy sifting through layers and details to ascertain facts.  Thankful for Technology  Often, I select interesting Newspaper headlines and Siri reads them to me. I am aware of Then I select additional sources for more details. Today I listened to a beatned police officer who made the conscious choice...

Essays / 18.04.2021

“I have cried, called into the wind, and prayed fervently as I mourn and grieve for the mothers of taken, missing, or murdered children. Whether the children are babies, teens, grown men, or women, each one is somebody's child, and they deserved to be healthy, happy, free, and alive.  You Can't Hide from God Even now, with everything that has come to light, I believe that we still have half a nation that won't understand my heart or willingly empathize with my emotions simply because of the skin I live...

Essays / 30.01.2021

Sometimes the people we love have been through so many hardships, disappointments, battles, and poor treatment that by the time we meet them, they do not know how to love freely. We look at them and look past the pain. We perceive who we believe they can be, without understanding who they are.  We see their eyes, and we love them.  We see their smile, and we become enamored. We feel their touch, and we are mesmerized. But what we cannot see is what they have experienced. We cannot see how often...