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Poetry / 23.08.2019

God Loves You As You Are There is never a reason to ever compare your life to anyone else. God took great care and gifted each one of us our own unique journey and walk of faith. Even identical twins have different gifts, dreams, talents, and aspirations. They may have lots of similarities, but one may love science, and the other may excel in math. Shine in Your Own Way What I choose to like is based on my individual thoughts, desires, and preferences. What you choose to like is based...

Poetry / 07.06.2019

You are each an amazing beautiful creation of God. Your daily positivity, encouragement, and kindness helps you and those around you keep a heart full of God’s love, joy, and goodness. I believe that every act of goodness that we share is important. I also know that you are important, and your life matters! We are All Deeply Loved By God  Life challenges can make some of our days harder than we would like. I know that some of us have more struggles than others. I also know that we...

Poetry / 31.05.2019

Celebrating the Gift of Life Life can be beautiful, inspiring, challenging, and it can be complicated at times. I believe the best points of life is to learn, grow, and understand that we are each created in God's image, formed out of His perfect love, and covered by God's grace. We Are All Part of One Global Family Part of the magnificence and appeal of God's creations are the differences  we are blessed with. No two roses are precisely the same, though they are all beautiful and worthy of our admiration....