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Poetry / 03.05.2019

I became visually impaired 15 years ago after retinal surgeries. Since that time I have been lost in pain, in my emotions, and my mind. I have struggled to find a way to find the parts of myself that I felt were lost. Finding Hope and Blessings One of the things that I have always loved doing is writing. Writing is how I have always processed my world. Now it is how I am finding my way back to me. A few years ago, my children gave me an...

Poetry / 08.03.2019

I wanted to share a little more about why I write. I have loved words since I was a little girl. Once I learned to read, I never stopped seeking knowledge. As I grew, I found joy in books and gravitated to the library. Becoming a Writer and Poet My first poem in second grade was read out loud to the class, and I was hooked on poetry from that moment. The elementary school librarian told me about Maya Angelou, and I fell in love with her writing style, storytelling...

Poetry / 08.02.2019

I choose to write because it brings structure to my mind, eases some of my chronic pain, helps me find inner peace, and it assists me in understanding what I am physically going through. In a way, writing has given me parts of my life back. Writing opened up my world and helped me find a path to hope, new purpose, and a deeper understanding of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), and my health challenges. Everyone wants to feel alive, have hope, and know that they serve a purpose...