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Poetry / 27.12.2019

Hello, and happy day to you! We hope your week has been blessed, that each day brings you more of God’s joy, and finds you further along your personal path of faith and peace. Our Heavenly Father is always listening, watching, instructing, correcting, blessing, and protecting His beloved children. Release Your Burdens The best step you can ever take is a close walk with God. The beauty of life is that it is always changing, and we are still learning and growing. Each day, life renews all around us. New...

Poetry / 04.12.2019

Take time to show all of the people you love that you care. Make time to greet them warmly when they visit. When they make time to call you, sit down, relax, and enjoy their conversation. Put the time in your schedule to call them occasionally and visit their residences too. Send a picture, card, joke, or flowers and a note. Every Second of Life is Precious We all understand that every second of our lives is precious. Yet we often rush through our days without enjoying much of it....

Poetry / 17.11.2019

God’s Guiding Light of Peace: Strength to Stand Through Life’s Storms, is like an inspirational shield blocking negativity. These inspired words of faith help you focus on positivity and assist you in releasing stress. C. Melita Webb’s loving words of joy will bring peace to your mind, calm to your heart, comfort to your soul, and add serenity to your environment Poetic Words of Inspiration and Encouragement Whether you are looking for wonderful words of inspiration, morning meditation, daily encouragement, peaceful evening reflections, a relaxing vacation read, or the next...