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Essays / 30.05.2021

Never Stop Learning A few days ago, I had an epiphany while listening to Siri read a kindle ebook, The Secret Collaborative Economy. This amazing book outlined paths and possibilities for growth and legacy building. For the first time since my vision-impairment, I understand how much I had been limiting my life. I indeed have challenges, health issues, and other factors that make me feel boxed in and stuck. But this book opened my mind to the possibility of achieving more with what I have. Make Notes and Dream Big I...

Announcements / 24.05.2021

Living God's Love is the latest poetry volume released by well-loved motivational and inspirational poet C. Melita Webb. In this expansive volume, the author delivers a fresh poetic look at issues affecting children of God in their walk of faith. Poetry Focusing on the Community This vast collection broadens our focus and carries her faithful readers to contemporary situations not previously covered in any of her published volumes. Living God’s Love implores her readers to become aware of their community, look beyond sorrowful eyes, occasional op-Ed scenes, and high-profile documentaries....

Essays / 21.05.2021

Beautiful blooming Dahlia in a color cross between fuchsia and rich pink tones with a bumblebee sitting in the middle Do Not Help the Enemy I heard part of a video a few days ago, and it hurt my heart. I sat down with it on my spirit, and tears flowed from my soul. Then to help myself deal with the emotional drain, I wrote the poem, “I’m sending you my love.” A few days later, someone else forwarded the identical negative video to me. Choose Content Wisely The disgusting...