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Essays / 22.07.2021

Download The Magnificent Grace of God Each day through the grace of God, I learn something new. Whether the day has been smooth and easy or challenging and complicated. Sometimes my eyes are wide open and ready for the lesson, and other times my mind is occupied, and I don't see the lesson sent my way.  Spiritual Maturity As I have spiritually matured, my mind and life have slowed down. My breath is quiet and easier to recognize when it gets out of synch. The blessing of slowing down is new to...

Essays / 21.05.2021

Beautiful blooming Dahlia in a color cross between fuchsia and rich pink tones with a bumblebee sitting in the middle Do Not Help the Enemy I heard part of a video a few days ago, and it hurt my heart. I sat down with it on my spirit, and tears flowed from my soul. Then to help myself deal with the emotional drain, I wrote the poem, “I’m sending you my love.” A few days later, someone else forwarded the identical negative video to me. Choose Content Wisely The disgusting...