God Loves You As You Are
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God Loves You As You Are

God Loves You As You Are

God Loves You As You Are

There is never a reason to ever compare your life to anyone else. God took great care and gifted each one of us our own unique journey and walk of faith. Even identical twins have different gifts, dreams, talents, and aspirations. They may have lots of similarities, but one may love science, and the other may excel in math.

Shine in Your Own Way

What I choose to like is based on my individual thoughts, desires, and preferences. What you choose to like is based on your individual thoughts, desires, and preferences. I may love the sunshine, and you may love the moonlight. Neither the sun or the moon is more important in God’s eyes, they just have different responsibilities, uses, and different times to shine in their own way.

Walk Your Own Path in Joy and Peace

Just like God created each of us for our own path, the sun has its path, and the moon has its path. The flowers have always had an incredible variety of colors, scents, and times to bloom. That too is part of God’s plan. Our job is to wake up each day and find a way to walk our path of faith in joy and peace.

You Are a Unique Flower in God’s Garden

My steps may never crisscross your path, yet we are both here for the same reason. When we lose sight of our uniqueness and God’s direction, we can become sad, stressed, or give in to pressures of society. You are like one of the flowers in God’s beautiful garden. You will grow in your own way each day. Your beauty and your purpose are not diminished when another person shines. In God’s eyes, your life is just as bright as the person standing next to you.

Shine Your Light Bright Each Day

Choose to live each day, shining your light, and never stand in anyone’s shadow. Take your next step, next breath, and the next chance to live your best life. As we grow and mature, we come to understand the truth that everyone’s life has value, purpose, and a reason to be grateful.

Accept Life As the Blessing That it is

Today I accept my life as the blessing that it is. Even with my challenges and struggles, I am thankful to be alive. I invite you to accept your life as the blessing that you are.