Choosing to Be a Bright Light
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Choosing to Be a Bright Light

Finding Joy in the Simplest Moments
Do you ever recognize and embrace the beauty that comes from the simplest moments of life? Tonight I listened to part of an audiobook by Wayne W. Dyer entitled Invisible. The wisdom he shared is solid, loving, nurturing, and kind. His words inspire, uplift, and encourage; and his gift of writing has blessed many lives.

I Love Seeing Others Shine
I find myself drawn to the goodness and light in others, and I always enjoy seeing others shine. I believe there is room for all of us to be bright stars and bring light to the path for the next generation. For me sharing my heart is a way to touch and help others, lift spirits, bring joy, and share God’s love.

Discover a Way to Hold Hope in Your Heart
One of the first things that fighting chronic health challenges taught me was the need to find and hold on to hope. Writing is how I find that hope, clear my mind, hold on to my sanity, and how I began to fight back against the chronic pain. Without writing, I do not think I would have seen a way to stand as strong during my storms.

Every Moment in Life is Precious
Each piece of prose that I create (poetry, prayers, affirmations, and essays) about my CRPS RSD struggle helps me realize that every moment in life is precious. I believe that we must learn to celebrate every day of life. There is always something good to be found in each day.

See Hope, Light, and Love Beyond the Pain
Writing helps me see glimmers of goodness, shed light in dark places, and helps me get through rough days. Furthermore writing allows me to appreciate the full purpose and beauty of our lives. I hope that by sharing my heart, thoughts and inspiration, you will gain strength to continue fighting your storm, embracing the beauty and purpose of your life, and move further along your journey to peace.