Show Your Loved Ones That You Care
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A life in Full Bloom

Show Your Loved Ones That You Care

Take time to show all of the people you love that you care. Make time to greet them warmly when they visit. When they make time to call you, sit down, relax, and enjoy their conversation. Put the time in your schedule to call them occasionally and visit their residences too. Send a picture, card, joke, or flowers and a note.

Every Second of Life is Precious

We all understand that every second of our lives is precious. Yet we often rush through our days without enjoying much of it. We hurry to wake, rush off to work, flee off to lunch, and take quick breaks. Then we run to get off work, often tired, stressed, and sometimes in a fog of despair. But what if we slowed down just a little bit?

Build Time for Peace into Your Day

What if we took time to rise, and see the sunshine before we jump in the shower and sprint through our day? Then maybe we would not routinely sigh at the first sign of rain? Your few minutes and small acts of love prepare your loved one’s heart to expect joy in their day. They feel your love; it energizes them and reminds them to wait for the arrival of the rainbow with glee.

Make Time to Enjoy Intimate Visits

What if we made quality time to sit with our spouse, parents, aunts, and children for a few minutes to help set the tone for our days? Imagine how the extra few minutes of the love you share could help your loved ones manage their most difficult battles of the day?

Words are Extremely Powerful

What if you wrote a note to say, “I am glad that you are with me today?” Just a simple thought between me, my heart, and the moon. Words are often simple it is the actions and intentions behind them that make them priceless and memorable. You are always welcome here and we appreciate your time and kindness.

Please consider purchasing one or more of my encouraging books for someone you know who could benefit from my inspirational messages of love. We are so happy to share our joy with you! Thank you.