Learning to Live Through Loss and Grief
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Learning to Live Through Loss and Grief

Letting A Loved One Go

Sometimes things happen that we do not understand. Our hearts can become so heavy with sorrow that it feels difficult to stand, breathe, move, or speak. I believe that we each view and experience grief differently. Some of us cry others scream, some shut down, and yet others become mentally lost. I think that you can actually have, or go through all of these emotions plus others that I did not mention.

Allow Time to Heal from Grief

I believe that we must allow each person their needed time and space to heal and go through the phases of grief. There is no set time frame, guide, or direction to show anyone how to cope or endure the pain. Often, there is nothing you can truly do for those closest to the loved one who died.

Be Comforting to Those Grieving

It seems like a lot of deaths of friends and family members have occurred lately. I mean no offense or disrespect with my thoughts. I always write what is pressing most on my heart, as I feel it’s the best way to be of assistance to others and true to myself too.

Find a Way to Process Your Feelings

Writing is one of the ways I process my feelings. Sadness is not a feeling I like to share, though I hope my words help you be more considerate of those suffering and also allow you to be less critical and more comforting to yourself if you ever find yourself suffering.

Offer a Smile, Hug, or a Listening Ear

Understand that sometimes people don’t know how to process the hurt, anger, and pain. If somebody tells you that they need help, be there for them. Sometimes a kind smile and a hug are just enough to help someone take one more step, give life one more chance, and make it through the day.

Seek Out Supportive Help

In turn, if you need help, seek out someone trustworthy, a parent, sibling, friend, counselor, or a minister. Never be afraid or embarrassed to communicate your truth and accept the support that will enable you to move on to the next stage in your life. You are worth more than the tears, hurt, anger, and pain that you may be experiencing.

My family and I wish you love, peace, and God’s grace to get through anything that is hurting you.