God’s Guiding Light of Peace - C. Melita Webb
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God’s Guiding Light of Peace

Strength to Stand Through Life’s Storms

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God’s Guiding Light of Peace: Strength to Stand Through Life’s Storms, is like an inspirational shield blocking negativity. These inspired words of faith help bring your focus back to positivity and assist you in releasing stress. C. Melita Webb’s loving words of joy bring peace to your mind, calm to your heart, comfort to your soul, and add serenity to your space.

Whether you are looking for wonderful words of inspiration, morning meditation, daily encouragement, peaceful evening reflections, a vacation read, or the next pick for your group’s book club, you will find insight, encouragement, support, and assistance on the pages of God’s Guiding Light of Peace.

Having a copy God’s Guiding Light of Peacewill help you find more reasons to be joyful, encourage you to fully embrace the blessings and see the goodness in each day. We all face tough issues at some point in our life, our minds can become overwhelmed, frazzled and our spirit may feel blocked. 

These loving words of faith will encourage and assist you in standing firm in your journey, help you maintain a positive attitude, and ease the symptoms of stress in your day. This is a book you will enjoy reading again and again. 

The five engaging chapters act like emotional lifelines. Each chapter is structured to calm your mind, relax your cares, and fill your heart with peace. Filled with beautiful poetry, loving prayers, positive affirmations, and enlightening essays of faith and encouragement will lead your mind to peaceful thoughts.

This is Volume 5 of the Poetry from the Heart Collection! Be sure to get yourself a copy today!

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