Celebrating the Gift of Life - C. Melita Webb
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Celebrating the Gift of Life

Celebrating the Gift of Life

Celebrating the Gift of Life

“Life can be beautiful, inspiring, challenging, and it can be difficult at times. I think the best points of life is to learn, grow, and understand that we are each created in God’s image and out of His perfect love. We are all also born covered by God’s grace.

We Are All Part of One Global Family

Part of the beauty of all of God’s creations are the differences we are each blessed with. No two roses are exactly the same, though they are all beautiful and worthy of our admiration. Just as there is beauty in the variety of flowers, trees, and seasons, there is beauty, grace, and variation in all of God’s people. We each have different talents, gifts, and blessings. We are all unique, relevant, and worthy in God’s eyes. No one person is loved more or less by God. He made us out of the same two people, which makes us all family.

Embrace Who You Are

One of the best things that I think we can do for humanity is to embrace our unique gifts and use them to help each other live better, healthier, and happier lives. Not everyone is meant to be a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse, a pilot, or a teacher, yet we all have been blessed with God-given talents and the ability to master many skills.

Everyone Has Their Special Talents and Gifts

Some talents show up early in life, some are found during education or instruction, and for others, the gifts are hidden deep within. The talent may show up later in life or be brought to the surface during a hardship or a crisis. I believe some of the bests skills come out and blossom under difficult situations wear as others are always second nature.

Everyone has something to share and give to the world. Never doubt that you, too, are blessed with god-given gifts. Keep looking and searching your heart to find yours. Remember that each of us is important and needed in God’s world.“

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    • CMW
      Posted at 11:28h, 17 June Reply

      We are glad that you found our blog. Please feel free to visit again. Peace and joy to you.

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