Prepare for Life’s Challenges
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Today I find myself thinking about life’s challenges, choices, joys, and growth. I am feeling thankful for my life and the new lessons that I learn every day.

Prepare for Life’s Challenges

Often we find ourselves situated in uncomfortable positions through no choice of our own. We may encounter difficulties at school, work, the grocery store, driving, or simply walking down the street.

Some Things You Cannot Control

The issues can be as normal as getting stuck without an umbrella in a forecasted rainstorm, sitting in unmoving traffic because of a stuck bridge, driving our usual route to a destination and be redirected by a road detour, we may be standing at a station waiting for a late bus, plane or train, or be in a building that looses its power. Any of those situations and other similar occurrences can happen at any given moment.

Remain Calm and Focused

We can be calm and focus on something positive, use the time to read a book, get a coffee, drink some tea, or call a friend, only if you are not driving. You could write out a grocery or to-do list, make a few appointments you have been putting off, etc. Our first response should be to look for ways to make the time useful and productive. By choosing to control our response we prevent the little things from turning into bigger issues.

Focus on Your Blessings

Our goal should be to find calm in these moments, by recalling our blessings and being grateful to God. Getting slowed down by life is not always a bad thing, if we prepare ourselves to face unforeseen problems. You could keep a few items in a ”relaxation kit” inside your purse or car, such as an umbrella, a magazine or book, a notepad, a supply of your favorite beverages or tea bags with you. The choice to respond positively is always ours. Choose to use your energy for good.

How I Mentally Relax

Personally, writing and praying are how I adjust myself And prepare to live through change. I pray my heart about to God. Some of my prayers are shared in my volumes. The Light That is You and God’s Guiding Light of Peace, are my shields to block stress. I close my eyes and listen to Audible or Siri read my words of inspiration back to me. I thank God everyday for the words of encouragement and inspiration He places into my heart.

My Prayers and Wishes for You

I wish you and your family love, peace, health and happiness. It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and suggestions for ways we can accept change better. Please feel free to join our newsletter and follow our blog.