Take a Walk with Jesus
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Take a Walk with Jesus

Hello, and happy day to you! We hope your week has been blessed, that each day brings you more of God’s joy, and finds you further along your personal path of faith and peace. Our Heavenly Father is always listening, watching, instructing, correcting, blessing, and protecting His beloved children.

Release Your Burdens

The best step you can ever take is a close walk with God. The beauty of life is that it is always changing, and we are still learning and growing. Each day, life renews all around us. New birds hatch, a fresh wind blows, children are born, couples marry, and new joys abound. What a blessing to see and behold the beautiful gifts of each day!

Trust That Difficulties Don’t Last

By understanding that life is continuous, you can rest assured that most difficulties and challenges are only temporary. Some things can be chronic or prolonged, though they may still occasionally allow you breaks or lulls in the discomfort.

Look for Your Joys

I implore you to persevere, to look for the joys instead of the pains, to take your mind off your troubles, and find ways to help someone else. Find a hobby, volunteer at a school, or senior facility. Find a need and fill it with your God-given talents, and see if your problems feel a little lighter each day.

Trust God and Lean on Him

The best advice I know is to love God, trust the truth of His words, and lean on God for relief and comfort. Try to fill your heart with beautiful thoughts every moment of every day. We have a fantastic team of gifted individuals who help support our inspirational community. One of our latest endeavors was to reformat and enhance volume two, The Light That is You. We hope you enjoy the new look. Here are a few of the links.

Our Books are Great Inspiration

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