You Are An Amazing Beautiful Creation
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You Are An Amazing Beautiful Creation

You are each an amazing beautiful creation of God. Your daily positivity, encouragement, and kindness helps you and those around you keep a heart full of God’s love, joy, and goodness.

I believe that every act of goodness that we share is important. I also know that you are important, and your life matters!

We are All Deeply Loved By God 

Life challenges can make some of our days harder than we would like. I know that some of us have more struggles than others. I also know that we are all deeply loved by our Heavenly Father. 

No matter what challenges you are facing, you are not alone. Do not give up, and do not give in. Keep marching towards your victory. Continue to focus and believe in your breakthrough. Know that God is sending relief, and the blessings and promises of our loving God are always true. 

Surrender the Struggles in Prayer 

You must surrender the struggle through prayer and continue walking in God’s Grace. It does not mean that you have given up, or that you have given in. By fully surrendering our toughest battles to God, we acknowledge and show that we understand where our real relief will come from. It means that you know that God is the answer to every problem ever created. 

God is the True Fixer of Our Lives 

We must acknowledge that God is the only true fixer. We can do nothing without Him or His Grace. It is my belief that many times, our most troubling struggles repeat themselves in similar ways. We may not understand or even see the resemblance of the continuation of the problem. God will keep sending the message to us in different ways, so that we slow down, and find our connection to Him. 

Release the Struggle to Gain Clarity 

In effect, when we acknowledge and accept God’s help, we are releasing the unhealthy toll that stress, mental struggling, and fruitless efforts can cause in our lives. When we release the struggle, we can regain our clarity, healthy mind, and strength from God’s hand being involved. That strength is the key to walking further along our journey to peace and our destiny with God. 

We hope you receive our messages of encouragement, faith, and kindness with an open heart, and that you feel the love coming from our hearts. We appreciate you!