Finding Light After Darkness
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Finding Light In The Darkness

Finding Light After Darkness

I wanted to share a little more about why I write. I have loved words since I was a little girl. Once I learned to read, I never stopped seeking knowledge. As I grew, I found joy in books and gravitated to the library.

Becoming a Writer and Poet

My first poem in second grade was read out loud to the class, and I was hooked on poetry from that moment. The elementary school librarian told me about Maya Angelou, and I fell in love with her writing style, storytelling flair, and inspiring words. From that moment on, I thought I would be a novelist or a poet. I read everything in the school library by Maya and then sought her out in the public library.

Finding Hope After Eye Injuries

That little girl’s love of poetry continues to live in my heart every day. After my eye injuries, I went into a spiral of pain, loss, fear, hurt, and anger. When I was at the worse point in my life, I turned back to writing poetry, prayers, and prose. Then the light returned to my world. A loved one took Ill and shared their dream of me publishing a book. That was how my first collection came to be.

Living in a New Purpose

I was elated to see how much the people in my life supported me in finding a new purpose and fulfilling my new dreams. I had written to myself for years and just kept pouring my heart out. All of the things that I had written to God seeking understanding, looking for my purpose, and opening up my heart through my tears, ended up being perfect words to help others heal too.

Building A New Dream

I am glad that God has given me a new purpose. It was hard not being able to keep my career and even harder just trying to get through the daily pain. Sometimes I can not stop the tears from falling. My pain comes from Chronic Reginal Pain Syndrome an often overlooked and misdiagnosed illness. I will share more about that in a later post. Enjoy your day and remember to smile.

Wishing you love, peace, joy, and happiness.