A time to live is now - C. Melita Webb
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A time to live is now

A time to live is now

A time to live is now

I want to encourage you to make time to do the little things that matter most. The things that you think about, that bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face. Often these are the things that we truly long for. They are the things we say “I will do that after the children are grown.”, “When I finish my degree.” “Next year.” or you might say “Once I retire I will have more time for that.”

What life is showing me every day is that the time for living is now. The time for enjoying your life is now. Do not miss out on the “Little things.” Often it is those little things that make the biggest difference and most favorite memories of our lifetime.

Take time to do something for yourself. Visit someone you love. Stop and make the call, write the email or the letter you keep putting off. Buy the small item that you think about all the time that makes you smile. Eat your favorite dessert. Take yourself to the park. Go to the movies or ride the ferry just for fun and daydream. Do whatever you want that will give you the most joy so that you are really enjoying your life.

Think about what you really want to be doing right now, at this moment more than anything else in the world?

Choose to make the choices and the decisions that make you the happiest, so that you are living each day without regrets and enjoying more of the precious moments of your life. Give yourself the love that you desire most. Blessing of peace, love, joy, and happiness are yours to enjoy every day. You are worthy of the joyful life that you seek. Reach for the best times of your life right now.” ~CMW

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