The Light That is You: Conversations of Love - C. Melita Webb
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The Light That is You: Conversations of Love



The Light That Is You is an inspirational collection of prayers and supplications, poems celebrating life, reflective essays and affirmations of clarity, love, and strength. This is the second book in the Poetry From The Heart collection. Motivating and loving prose that speaks to your heart, elevates your energy and relaxes your cares away. The Light That is You is designed to be like a cheerleader in your pocket. A book that you can turn to for inspiration and sincere encouragement. It is the perfect gift for you or someone you love.

The Light That is You focuses on personal strength, emotional healing and the journey towards a happier life. It is a motivational read with a full chapter on prayers, and a section of supportive affirmations. This book is designed to refresh and improve our outlook on daily challenges.

What my readers have to say:

I really enjoyed your poetry book. While reading your book of poems I could see the light of faith with your words. I felt as if these poems were written to me personally. The poems inspired me as a Mother, a Sister, a Wife, and a Friend. One who unfortunately sustained losses of a loved one. Thank you for writing Woman to Woman chapter of poems. You will never know how much you have touched my heart. Please continue on your journey of sharing your poems of positive affirmations. I feel God has given you a gift that should be shared. Thank you for your kind words of faith.