All is Redeemed in Truth and Light - C. Melita Webb
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All is Redeemed in Truth and Light

All is redeem in truth and light



All is Redeemed in Truth and Light is a touching compilation of inspirational poetry, life-affirming messages, and motivational prose.

This encouraging and inspiring collection was written to celebrate the beauty, grace, and complexity of life’s journey. Part of the appeal of this collection is the way the pieces come together to engage, uplift and encourage each reader. There is something in this volume for everyone who enjoys positive inspiration, creative thoughts, and deep reflection.

The beautiful poetry selected for this debut collection will warm your heart, caress your soul, and lift your spirits while freeing your mind from feelings of sorrow, hurt, and pain. The motivational essays offer a supportive way forward through the stages of life. The touching prayers will provide encouragement and insight for the next level on your path. These sweet nuggets of wisdom and insight will help ease your way through some of life’s harshest challenges.

Each carefully selected piece flows seamlessly into the next, as you are taken on a 5 chapter journey through the phases of life. You will enjoy the way the author tells a compassionate story of love, life, loss, and grief. Your heart will be captivated, and you will be profoundly touched as you read each loving sentiment.

This peaceful journey will show you what lives deep within your heart when you search for answers to life’s most intriguing questions. You cannot help but be deeply touched as you read, reflect, and enjoy the life-affirming messages of love, included in these five compelling poetic chapters:

  • In the Beginning
  • Strength of the Next Generation
  • Woman to Woman
  • A Day in Love’s Universe
  • Saying Goodbye

The collection provides supportive thoughts on life challenges, relationships, and choices for personal growth.

Come and join our happy readers. Pick up your copy today and enjoy our engaging journey through the life-affirming messages of love, peace, strength, positivity, unity, and understanding. This book will capture your heart, comfort your soul, and relax your mind. We invite you to enjoy the journey through life in a poet’s mind.

What my readers have to say:

“Very inspiring messages. It goes deep down to the innermost parts. And see things differently.” – P.K.

“Such inspirational and motivational books with words full of energy and positivity. Love it.” – D.S.