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C Melita Webb Media

Cassandra is a visually impaired author who writes about having faith through the struggle and transforming your life through affirmations. Cassandra’s experience in losing her vision has shaped her own journey, getting lost in the emotions and learning to live a different life. What has gotten her through the days of struggle is maintaining her faith in God and finding the positive in her new way of being.


With a vision to inspire people to celebrate joy, foster understanding, reflect on life circumstances and define possibilities.


Cassandra has published four books so far sharing her love for humanity in all stages of life, reminding people how much they are in God’s eye, motivating and moving people out of the sadness they may be experiencing.


She believes that you can keep hope alive when you find the meaning behind your own struggle. She is motivated for people to know that no one is alone in this world and that everyone has a voice and sometimes you need to be reminded of that voice.

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C Melita Webb Media

For further information or to schedule an interview with the author, please don’t hesitate to submit a contact form or email cmelitawebb@me.com