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C Melita Webb Media

C. Melita Webb is a visually impaired inspirational author who writes about having faith in spite of challenges and transforming your life through positivity and devotion. C. Melita Webb’s experience in losing parts of her vision has irreversibly altered her journey.

Most of the encouraging poetry and faith-sentiments shared are taken from her 15-year health battle against Complex Regional Pain Syndrome  (CRPS), also called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

C. Melita Webb shares some of her most profound challenges, joys, struggles, tears and the experience of getting lost in emotions; while learning to accept and create a different life. What has gotten her through the countless days of struggle and pain is maintaining her faith in God and finding the positivity in her new way of being.

The Poetry from the Heart Team publishes with a vision and a mission to inspire people to celebrate the joys of life, foster understanding and compassion, provide reflective views on life circumstances, and define new possibilities.

C. Melita Webb has a great team of editors and assistants who have helped her share her writing in five published books. The author continues to write as a way to survive, heal, fight pain, and inspire.

Much of her prose is driven by her deep affection for humanity. Her loving words of compassion cover all stages of life, reminding people of their value in God’s eye. With a goal of motivating and moving people out of any sadness and pain, they may be experiencing.

C. Melita Webb believes that you can keep hope alive when you find the meaning behind your own struggle. She wants her readers to know that no one is alone in this world, that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard, and sometimes you need to be reminded of that voice.

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