Built for God’s Glory - C. Melita Webb
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Built for God’s Glory

Built for God’s Glory

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Built for God’s Glory is a loving poetic compilation celebrating God’s love for His children. Lighting the way to a deeper understanding of who we are, our value, and our purpose in God’s eyes.

Filled with reflective faith-based poems, inspirational essays, quotes of wisdom and signature prayers to assist you in your personal and spiritual growth. Written to enlighten, inspire, and empower all who enjoy the touch of God’s love in their lives.

Built for God’s Glory offers hope, opens hearts, and explores a unique view of a spiritual walk. This charming collection will help you build and expand on the calming places of peace in your heart and mind.  You are sure to enjoy the uplifting poetry of faith, hope, serenity, and spiritual empowerment. Witness ways of finding more happiness, strength, and joy in God’s word.

You will appreciate reading these loving expressions of faith and the healing ways they combine to help you find additional comfort and joy in life. This is a deeply touching glimpse of living through the word of God.

What my readers have to say:

The book Built for God’s Glory brought me a deep sense of peace and to a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose on this earth. We can get so lost in the world that we forget our purpose and we go astray. This book helps to reel you back in. It helps you focus on what is important. It is a fishing guide for the soul. – B.T.