About The Author - C. Melita Webb
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About The Author

C Melita Webb is a visually impaired writer and a fun-loving spirit, who has had a love for words and books all her life. Her writings are labors of love. She writes with passion, clarity, deep reflection, and enjoyment. Each volume in her inspirational collection tells a story of love, life, and humanity. Included are poems, affirmations, prayers, supportive essays and cries from the heart. She draws from life experiences, life challenges, and dreams to encourage, inform, enlighten, and uplift readers.

The choice selections in each book are empowering pieces that will grip your heart and allow you to feel a breath of emotions. If you enjoy inspirational reading, encouraging thoughts, motivational sentiments, or dream of writing -these books will connect with you and speak to heart.

The writings in The Poetry from the Heart Collection were compiled and published at the request of an ill loved one. The readers responses have been amazing and life-changing. As a result of the positive feedback, more volumes are continuing to be released and further joy to be spread. We hope the inspiring words shared in this beautiful collection enable you to live happier, love stronger, dream more, and find your place of inner peace.